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This week in nuclear news – Australia

You’ve seen the TV series, now understand that  the Chernobyl catastrophe is far from over.

It’s difficult for me to stick just to nuclear news, as the enormity of the climate crisis becomes more apparent. While extreme events might not be caused by global heating, climate change is exacerbating them and increasing their frequency. Millions of people displaced by floods – India, Nepal and Bangladesh. Tropical Storm Barry spares New Orleans but fuels fears of floods and tornadoes.  New research – climate change is worsening wildfires.

Of course, there is a nuclear connection, too. Both floods and fires are potentially disastrous to nuclear power plants. You don’t hear much about this, but the nuclear industry is very worried about floods.

“Climate distress,” “climate grief,” “climate anxiety” – psychological effects on people.



URANIUM. Huge volumes of water gulped by Olympic Dam uranium mine – even more with expanded mine. BIRDS VS BHP: Evaporation ponds at BHP’s Olympic Dam mine are killing hundreds of birds.     Hasty, secretive federal approval of Yeelirriee uranium project shows contempt for the scientific environmental evidence.

.CLIMATE CHANGE. Country towns close to reaching ‘day zero’, as water supplies dry up in the drought.   Australia’s military well aware of the security dangers of climate change.   Adani demands names of CSIRO scientists reviewing groundwater plans.

RENEWABLE ENERGYWind and solar cut rather than boost Australia’s wholesale electricity prices.  Wind energy sets new record output in Australia’s main grid.   Victoria government resists calls to rein in rooftop solar rebate.  Abbott era advisor  Maurice Newman re-emerges to oppose Crookwell wind farm.


U.S., Russia to discuss nuclear arms limits in Geneva.

Heat waves, rising seas, – climate change threatens France’s and UK’s nuclear plants.  Even the nuclear industry itself is pretty pessimistic about its futureRecycling nuclear waste still itself produces nuclear waste.

HISTORY. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962 – how close we came to World War 3


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