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(Officially no climate change in Australia) but Norther Territory towns are running out ofvwater

NT rural residents face spending thousands to truck in water if bores run dry, ABC News, By Sowaibah Hanifie  29 July 19, With groundwater levels critically low and the wet season yet to begin, some rural Northern Territory residents fear they may have to pay thousands of dollars to truck in water for their homes.

Many bores connected to the Berry Springs and Howard Springs groundwater systems have been flagged as critical and could run dry as soon as October due to the driest Territory wet season in decades.

Eddie and Sheryl Kendall’s Berry Springs bamboo business could collapse if their bore runs dry.

“The plants, we’d just have to let them die,” Mrs Kendall said.

“That wouldn’t be very good, but if you have to do it, you have to do it.”

Mr Kendall said while their bore was not critically low yet, they were being conservative with their water use, meaning their plants were not getting the water they needed to thrive.

In the community of Southport, Progress Association president Barry Whalan said he would be forced to pay $400 per week if his community, which has a critically low bore, ran dry before the wet season in December……..

Humpty Doo resident Shannon Griffiths is living near the site of a proposed $2 billion, 4,000-property development in Noonamah Ridge, which would be completed over 30 years.

Mr Griffiths said while he understood the Government wanted to increase the Territory’s population, he was concerned more rural development would put his groundwater at risk.

“How are they going to monitor people running their bores or irrigating their yards at night, which a lot of people do,” he said…..

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