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Letters to The Advertiser responding to pr nuclear article

Power grid strong

KYM Bray is wrong (“Need base power”, The Advertiser, 31/7/19).

We now have a firmer electricity grid without a supply of coal or nuclear power in this state compared to when the 2016 blackout occurred.

There is more competition from batteries and renewable generation achieved at lower cost than “new” coal, let alone nuclear generation. Neither of the latter are bankable.

Hopes nuclear may offer a significant, timely or cost-effective fix for climate change are false. Most experts say firming up an increasingly renewables-based grid, as the State Government is doing, is the way to achieve the trifecta of energy stability, affordability and emissions reduction.

JIM ALLEN, Panorama

Lighting the way

RENEWABLE power coupled with storage, such as big batteries, and pumped hydro are perfectly capable of keeping the lights on 24/7 despite suggestions otherwise.

Private businesses are getting on with the business of constructing them. It is not correct that the carbon tax was a disaster. It started achieving its aim of a significant reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions, and these emissions have now been rising since Tony Abbott axed the tax.

It looks like there is no way we will reach the Paris Agreement despite Scott Morrison’s insistence we will. Nuclear or coal power would not stop electricity failure such as the widespread South Australian blackout of 2016. That was caused by a storm knocking down powerlines.

No electricity can be conducted through broken power lines, whether it be coal, nuclear, wind or solar.

R. WOOD, Valley View

Energy focus shift

IT was a mere two or three years ago that a war of words was raging in these pages between advocates for renewable energy and defenders of coal.

Lately, it seems the coal apologists have turned their attention to nuclear energy.

What is it that makes them hate renewables so much?

I’ll tell you – ideology. They simply can’t support something that aligns with “green” values. Not even if it makes good economic sense. No matter. Renewable energy projects have taken off and will continue to soar because the business community knows how to recognise a winner.

C. FAULKNER, Cheltenham

August 3, 2019 - Posted by | General News

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