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Letters to The Advertiser – Store the power

Store the power, MARK SCHUBERT, Glynde, 3 Aug 19

KYM Bray does not believe renewables can supply all our electricity needs, presumably because there are times when the sun doesn’t shine or the wind blow (“Need base power”, The Advertiser, 31/7/19).

For renewables to work full-time, energy needs to be stored.

Present viable energy storage systems are rechargeable batteries; hydrogen, from electrolysis of water; heat (eg hot-water tanks and concentrated solar thermal), and pumped hydro – still the most economical, reliable, long lasting, and efficient bulk-energy storage.

With pumped hydro, water is reused by pumping it uphill using excess power, and then letting it flow back to generate power in times of shortage, as is done now in the Snowy Mountains Scheme in southeast Australia.

Costs of these storage systems are reducing as research continues and mass production ramps up.

I believe we can soon use renewables backed with storage to supply all our electrical power, reliably, economically, and with minimal CO2 emissions. I believe in physics, not fairies, Kym.

August 3, 2019 - Posted by | General News

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