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New studies find- nuclear power inseparable from nuke weapons – “small” reactors uneconomic

Climate News Network 6th Aug 2019 Two new studies together make an eloquent case against nuclear power: that its civilian uses are inseparable from nuclear warmaking, and that it is always uneconomic and has to be subsidised by taxpayers.

The first report, by the Berlin-based German Institute for Economic Research (DIW), says that
private economic interests have never played a role in nuclear power;
instead the military have always been the driving force behind their
construction. The report’s title sums up its contents: High-Priced and
Dangerous: Nuclear Power is not an option for the Climate-Friendly Energy Mix.

The researchers calculate, after analysis of the 674 nuclear power
plants built since the 1950s, that on average they make a loss of €5
billion (US$5.6 bn) each, and that is without taking into account the cost
of getting rid of their radioactive waste. The report does not simply
investigate the past.

It also looks ahead, reviewing the industry’s plans
for a new generation of nuclear power stations, and particularly the small
modular reactors (SMRs) in which the US, Canada, Russia, China and the UK
are currently investing huge amounts of development money. The researchers
conclude that they too are doomed to be an expensive failure.

The second study, specifically into SMRs, is by the Nuclear Consulting Group (NCG), an
international team of academics and other experts [the writer of this news
report is a member]. It reaches the same conclusion: that they will be
expensive for the taxpayer and never live up to expectations. The NCG,
which works with Nuclear Free Local Authorities in the UK, says its
opposition is based on close scrutiny of the industry. After examining all
the designs of SMRs currently being developed globally, the NCG says: “It
remains likely that no substantive deployment of the technology will be
realised, with just a very few reactors built, at most.

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