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Australians need to rally in support of Julian Assange

Dan MonceauxAugust 7    The combined imperial crusade against Julian Assange involves a multi-pronged effort to erode his support base. As a supporter, I have experienced this first hand, with various individuals trying to influence my opinion of his character and work. I have used Wikileaks documents in submissions made to government and in forthcoming documentary film work. WL is an invaluable repository of information, ready for anyone interested to know how power “works” internationally.

In the wider public, Assange’s standing has been weakened by the media and hostile commentators fixating on rape allegations while overlooking the serious matters exposed in the contents of documents Wikileaks received from anonymous sources then elected to publish.

As it stands, Assange will most likely face a Grand Jury in the US, before which he can present no defence. He may then go to prison for life (for a cumulative sentence of 175 years under offences listed in the US’s Espionage Act) and may spend much of this in solitary confinement.

But what of those responsible for the wrong doing Wikileaks has exposed? Is this what justice looks like in the 21st century? People need to rally behind Assange now, more than ever.

August 13, 2019 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, civil liberties

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