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It’s hard to grasp it all, with 4 nuclear Parliamentary submissions going on at the same time, and with short deadlines.

I am attempting to make sense of it all, starting with the Federal one FEDERAL. Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia  (Submissions close 16 September 2019  

A submission can be sent in hard copy by post, or online. It’s quite a performance to send a submission online, but well worth doing.  One can refer to any or all of the Terms of Reference.

a. waste management, transport and storage,

b. health and safety,

c. environmental impacts,

d. energy affordability and reliability,

e. economic feasibility,

f. community engagement,

g. workforce capability,

h. security implications,

i. national consensus, and

j. any other relevant matter

Best to write your own submission, but there is also the option of using Friends of the Earth’s pro forma submission.

The Committee of Inquiry may publish submissions, but people (and nuclear companies) can ask for their submissions to be confidential.

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