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Hiroshima Round Table’s urgent appeal to save nuclear agreements  

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Who will clean up America’s nuclear wastes in Greenland?

Maine Voices: Long-buried U.S. nuclear waste would complicate any bid for Greenland

Would the U.S. or Denmark be responsible for cleaning up over 47,000 gallons of Cold War-era radioactive waste?

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Total eclipse — Beyond Nuclear International

The industry-led shadow regulator that has quietly supplanted the NRC

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August 25 Energy News — geoharvey

Opinion: ¶ “Way To Dump All The Good News About Wind Power On A Friday Afternoon, DOE” • Friday afternoon is a time to release information you want everyone to ignore. Last Friday afternoon, the US DOE released three annual reports on the state of US wind power in 2018. Together, they track the rise […]

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One gem from the pro nuclear Submissions to FEDERAL. Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia.

 Submission 11 Keith Thompson (Strange and wonderful arguments) Minimises the importance of Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.
(Get nuclear power for Australia) by creating wealthy and attractive research prizes to completely eradicate these risks. …
For example, if the Australian federal government created an all comers $10m or $100m prize that invented ways to use all existing nuclear power production waste so that there was none left, I believe that universities and private engineering businesses all over the world would be motivated to engage with the problem. Smaller subsidiary prizes for dealing with parts of that nuclear waste could be crafted to be similarly motivating. I expect that with such incentives, the waste problem could be solved within ten years but would certainly be resolved within fifty years. …
The destructive effects of nuclear power. In one sense this criticism of nuclear power is the response of an ostrich to the unknown or danger. If Newton had stopped pondering gravity because it might lead to the discovery of powered flight and the loss of life in aircraft accidents, or the possibility of anti-gravity and power more destructive than that which we are now considering, we would never have learned how to fly or otherwise stood on the shoulders of his discovery. …
Australia has a duty of comity to the rest of the nations of the world to realise its agricultural potential which could be unlocked with the production of industrial and residential water.

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