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Storing nuclear waste not economically viable for U.S. State

Storing nuclear waste would only net Wyoming $10 million annually — raising doubts of its viability Star Tribune  Nick Reynolds 307-266-0634,  Sep 5, 2019 

    • Wyoming lawmakers made it clear this week they are serious about exploring the possible construction of a nuclear waste storage facility within state borders.

Whether it will even be possible, however, still remains to be seen.

Though conversations about potential risks to the environment or to human health were front and center at this week’s first – and only – meeting of the Spent Fuel Rods Subcommittee in Casper, the possibility that Wyoming would ever get a repository to store the nation’s nuclear waste seemed a distant one at the close of business Thursday…….

lawmakers on Thursday learned that the potential windfall from the federal government – at just $10 million a year – might not be worth the political battle ahead to make the proposal happen. …… “If the revenue isn’t there – and we’re only talking $10 million right now – there isn’t going to be any interest in this.”……..

some members of the public expressed concerns that the transportation and storage of nuclear waste could be dangerous  …..  while others saw the economic benefits of a nuclear storage facility to be minimal, and not worth the trouble  ….

“This bitty revenue stream isn’t worth it,” said Dallas Laird, a former Casper city councilman. “But I’m glad the Legislature is looking at ways to generate revenue for the state. It’s where you should be looking to spend its time. Not this.”

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