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Medical isotopes without a nuclear reactor: it’s time Australia modernised nuclear medicine.

Dr Margaret Beavis, The Age, 16 Sept 19. So the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has failed yet again in supplying nuclear medicine (Cancer drug drought after nuclear fail, (The Age14/9).

Centralised nuclear medicine production means that one failure can bring down the national supply, as has happened on multiple occasions.

Those failures will continue unless we join with Canada,the U.S. the UK and others in investing in non reactor production.

The Canadian TRIUMF consortium last year demonstrated commercial manufacture of technetium in cyclotrons (which are about the size of a four-wheel-drive car and already make many other types of nuclear medicine).  medical approval trials and funding agreements are underway.

A city like Melbourne would need two or three. If one breaks down, another will fill the gap. Another plus – cyclotrons massively reduce the nuclear waste radioactive for more than 10,000 years.

Secure supply and cleaner production – it’s high time that ANSTO looked beyond its own reactor.

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