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What the pro nuclear people are saying, in Submissions to the Australian Parliament

I have now analysed the available, published, submissions to the FEDERAL. Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia. Just looking at the 30 pro-nuclear submissions , for a start, I’m here listing the topics, in order of the arguments most often presented:

  • The subject most often discussed was new nuclear reactors – Generation IV, Small Modular Reactors, and especially Thorium reactors .
  • Then nuclear wastes. These were seen as not really a problem, either already solved, or soon to be solved. Indeed, a number of writers saw radioactive wastes as an advantage for Australia. They suggested a waste repository, set up in South Australia could import nuclear wastes, and that business could then fund the development of nuclear power stations for Australia.
  • Economics. Nuclear power was seen as cost-effective, (with only one exception – one writer was dubious on this)
  • Renewable energy was downgraded, (though one writer argued for a renewables+nuclear project)
  • Safety issues were downgraded, including the severity of Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents New nuclear described as safer now – one saw Fukushima as a learning exercise.
  • Education. Several stressed the necessity of public education, including in schools,  on the benefits of nuclear power.
  • Necessity to end Australia’s ban on nuclear activities.
  • Climate change – nuclear needed to combat this.
  • Opposition to nuclear power was described as irrational.
  • Radiation – low dose ionising radiation discussed as harmless, (one suggested beneficial)
  • Carbon price advised by 2 writers.
  • There  were several other suggestions made, notably that the Government should lead and fund nuclear development, and should be advised by highly paid top technical staff.  The full nuclear fuel cycles is needed “cradle – to grave”. Reprocessing was advocated. Korea should supply the reactors. Nuclear power would give Australia international status. Would help prevent nuclear weapons proliferation.

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