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NuScale’s nuclear reactor design not new, drawn from dangerous old one

Why Does NuScale SMR Look Like a 1964 Drawing of Swiss Lucens Nuclear Reactor (which suffered a major meltdown in 1969)?
Whatever NuScale is, or is not, it clearly isn’t “new”. The Bible must have foreseen the nuclear industry when it said that there was no new thing under the sun. While there might be something new about it, certainly its scale is not. And, it seems mostly a remake of old military reactors, perhaps with influence from swimming pool reactors.

The main ancestor seems to be the US Army’s SM-1, made by the American Locomotive Company, making its most distant ancestor the steam locomotive.

Government subsidizes for NuScale are a deadly taxpayer rip rip-off. Even without an accident, nuclear reactors legally leak deadly radionuclides into the environment during the entire nuclear fuel chain, as well as when they are operating. Then, the nuclear waste is also allowed to leak for perpetuity.

The 1964 Lucens Design certainly looks like the one unit NuScale. Did MSLWR, now NuScale, take from Lucens or from an earlier common design ancestor?

NuScale 12 years ago when it was called MASLWR and still an official government project, 2003, INEEL/EXT-04-01626.

This is for single reactors. They want to clump them together.

Is there a common ancestor in either the US nuclear power station in Greenland or Antarctica? Actually, the main “parent” for the underground concept, according to the Swiss documentation, is underground hydroelectric power stations, dating from the 1800s. These caverns have been known to collapse, which, along with the WIPP collapse, points to another risk associated with underground nuclear reactors, besides leakage and corrosion.
being mostly in an underground cavern proved to be a liability rather than an asset for Lucens. The cavern leaked water and contributed to corrosion issues that ultimately led to nuclear meltdown.

Despite its tiny size, tinier than NuScale, it still is classified as a major nuclear accident. Furthermore, the cavern did not keep the nuclear fallout from escaping into the environment. There was 1 Sv (1000 mSv) per hour of
radiation in the cavern. Radiation was measured in the nearby village, and the cavern still leaks radiation.

MASLWR is what NuScale was called when it was owned by the US Dept. of Energy (and Oregon State). See more here:

About NuScale 12 years ago, when it was called MASLWR and still an official government project: “Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor Final Report ” S. M. Modro J. E. Fisher K. D. Weaver J. N. Reyes, Jr.
J. T. Groome P. Babka T. M. Carlson December 2003 Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory
Bechtel BWXT Idaho, LLC INEEL/EXT-04-01626

The real low-down on Lucens:
Tobias Wildi: “Der Traum vom eigenen Reaktor. Die schweizerische Atomtechnologieentwicklung 1945–1969.”

Chronos, Zürich 2003, ISBN 978-3034005944.
G. Bart: “Jubiläums-Jahresbericht Hotlabor – Abklärungen zum Zwischenfall im Kernkraftwerk Lucens vom 21.1.69.
” Paul Scherrer Institut, Juli 1989, S. 37-39, abgerufen am 14. März 2011 (deutsch).
“On January 21, 1969, it suffered a loss-of-coolant accident, leading to a partial core meltdown and massive radioactive
contamination of the cavern, which was then sealed.” Radiation in the cavern was measured at 1 Sievert (1000 mSv) per hour.ällen_in_kerntechnischen_Anlagen

Discussing SM-1 and that it was made by American Locomotive Co. (ALCO)

Comment Deadline on NuScale was 31 August 2015. If you wish to see what comments were uploaded, check here:
“NuScale Power, LLC, Design-Specific Review Standard and Safety Review Matrix Docket Folder Summary View

all documents and comments in this Docket”!docketDetail;D=NRC-2015-0160

While the comment deadline is over, if you live in the USA, there is still time to learn-use the tax long-form and figure out how to earn as little as you can, or give away your earnings in a tax deductible manner to worthy causes, so as to legally evade paying the salaries of the criminals at the US DOE, NRC, etc., and stop paying corporate subsidies to NuScale and others.


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