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Nationals MP lashes renewable energy as ‘hoax’ and ‘fraud’ but says nuclear will help solve energy crisis,

Nationals MP lashes renewable energy as ‘hoax’ and ‘fraud’ but says nuclear will help solve energy crisis, 7 News,Matt Coughlan AAP 18 September 2019 Nationals senator Sam McMahon has lashed renewable energy as a “fraud” and a “hoax” as she made the case for oil, gas and nuclear energy.

She became the second government senator in as many days to use their first speech to parliament to talk up nuclear power after South Australian Liberal Alex Antic did the same on Tuesday.

The NT senator said Australia was looking down the barrel of an energy crisis which “quiet Australians” wanted government to solve.

“Research must continue in the development of renewable technologies, but for commercial use they currently remain immature and in many cases fundamentally flawed,” McMahon told parliament on Wednesday.

A hoax of immature technology replacing safe, clean, reliable and inexpensive power stations has unfolded. “……..

She also said 30 per cent of the world’s uranium reserves were located in the NT.

“The time is right for us to visit and re-examine options for us to utilise this [nuclear] technology.”…….

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