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Australia: Freedom of Information and the Nuclear Industry- theme for October 19

Australia’s press freedom is under threat as never before.

It’s always been pretty bad, with Murdoch media controlling at least 70% of media outlets, and with Liberal governments trying to strangle the ABC,

But now –  it is at crisis point.  We have an Australian citizen, Julian Assange, held in solitary confinement in London, for the crime of skipping bail. UK and complicit Australia want to have him extradited to USA, to face life imprisonment for ‘treason”. What was his “treason”? Publishing the facts, revealed by Bradley Manning, on USA military atrocities. i.e. investigative journalism. (Manning also in prison)

We also have federal police raiding ABC offices and a journalist’s home. We have draconian security laws, and prosecutions of whistleblowers Richard Boyle, David McBride and Witness K.

Australia is fast developing a culture of press intimidation by government.

Has this anything to do with the nuclear industry?   Not obviously directly. Not yet.  But government and industry have always tried to see that the harms from uranium mining and nuclear bomb testing were covered up.  Few Australians would have heard of the long term push by some politicians and defence industry personnel, for nuclear weapons.

As  the global nuclear industry revs up its dishonest spin for “new nuclear”, and as climate change impacts this country, Australia is a sitting duck for the lie that “nuclear solves climate change”. And for the push for even more involvement in America’s nuclear weapons system. And for involvement in Trump’s Nuclear Weapons in Space programme.

We now have a government without any policy (unless you count “having a budget surplus” as a policy)   Scott Morrison can’t forever shout “How good is that?” about everything.  Journalists that criticise government actions are under scrutiny.  It doesn’t bode well for any public policy area. And that certainly includes matters nuclear.  more

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