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The 2019 World Nuclear Industry Status Report

The 2019 World Nuclear Industry Status Report (WNISR) has been published on 24. Sept. 2019
and is available now – FREE – for download on the WNISR website: (low resolution) (high resolution)
The report includes a chapter on Nuclear and Climate Change, and clearly opposes the narrative that nuclear power might help ‘to safe the world from climate change’.
Summary on page 24 f, an extensive view on nuclear and climate change p 228 – 256.
Quote from the conclusion:
Whatever the rationales for continuing and expanding nuclear power, for climate protection it has become counterproductive, and the new subsidies and decision rules its owners demand would dramatically slow this decade’s encouraging progress toward cheaper, faster options, more climate-effective solutions.
The WNISR 2019 also deals with SMRs – Small Modular Reactors,
with a summary on page 19, and a country by country analysis p 200 – 208, closing with a devastating conclusion on SMRs.
The lauch of the 2019 WNISR comes just days before the IAEA’s ‘Climate Conference’

International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power“, 7–11 October 2019, Vienna, Austria
and a counter-conference:

Climate Crisis – Why nuclear is not helping

7. and 8. October 2019 at ARCOTEL Kaiserwasser, Vienna
(just accross the street from the IAEA conference).
The 2018 WNISR will be presented at the counter-conference by Mycle Schneider.
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