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A Kimba resident says there’s no going back: a plea to vote NO to nuclear dump

Kimba residents to vote on waste facility, RACHEL YATES, 30 Sept 19, I would really like to see an extra 45 jobs in our community, this ‘process’ has made me very sceptical and I have very little trust in the government to keep their word, especially when we don’t even know who will actually be running the ‘facility’.

There are still so many unknowns in regards to the dump and yet we are being asked to vote on something that will be here forever.

We won’t be able to change our minds once it is here.

No matter what has been promised or how safe they say it is, this facility will be forced onto people in this community.

I am a neighbour and my family and I still do not want to live anywhere near it.

Nuclear waste should not be dumped on agricultural land.

I can live with being blamed for losing this ‘opportunity’ if we are not chosen but, if we are, and I have to live near this, I will never ‘get over’ feeling like the government and my community has forced this on me and my family.

So far, the government has broken numerous promises and continually change the rules to suit themselves.

Can you truly trust them?

The upcoming vote is our final chance to have a say.

This is it!

There is no going back.

Please, please make sure you are absolutely certain before casting your vote.

If you have even the slightest doubt, please vote no.


October 3, 2019 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, South Australia

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