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David Glynne Jones on the unwisdom of nuclear power for Australia in a heating climate

Inquiry into the prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia Submission 249  David Glynne Jones

…………4. Australia’s fresh water supplies are already under extreme pressure to meet existing and future environmental flow, agricultural, urban and industrial requirements, and the use of very large quantities of fresh water for the cooling of nuclear power stations is unlikely to be either viable or acceptable.

  1. Consequently the only likely viable option will be to use seawater cooling, requiring nuclear power stations to be located close to the coastline, and with significant environmental impacts on affected coastal waters resulting from water heating and very large water flows.
  1. By comparison, solar photovoltaic and wind turbine generating systems do not require the use of any significant water resources for cooling……..

Energy affordability and reliability

  1. Recent European experience has shown that nuclear power generation is not reliable during extreme heatwave conditions, with nuclear power stations being required to operate at reduced power levels or shutdown completely.
  1. Given that the future climate outlook for Australia is longer hotter heatwaves during the summer, this must be given serious consideration in any decision to adopt nuclear power generation in Australia.
  1. There is no evidence that nuclear power generation using either LMR or SMR technology can compete with other emerging 21st century electricity generation technologies, which are evolving at an increasingly high rate and have gained broad market investor confidence.
  1. The AEMO/CSIRO GenCost 2018 report projects capital and operating costs for both LMR and SMR technology at uncompetitive levels for the foreseeable future.
  1. There is no evidence of market investor appetite for nuclear power generation investment in the absence of government subvention.
  1. The UK SMR program has a NOAK target of GBP 60/MWh (~ AUD 110/MWh), but this cannot be demonstrated until a significant number of reactors haved been built and operated for a significant period. The FOAK target is GBP 75/MWh (~ AUD 140/MWh).
    1. The report found that “Investing in a nuclear power plant is uneconomical. This This
      holds for all plausible ranges of specific investment costs, weighted average cost of
      capital, and wholesale electricity prices”.

      1. Economic feasibility
      2. A recent report published by the German Institute for Economic Research (known  as DIW Berlin) reviewed the development of 674 nuclear power plants built since 1951, finding that none of the plants was built using ‘private capital under competitive conditions’. A full copy of the report is available at

      1.pdf. holds for all plausible ranges of specific investment costs, weighted average cost of  capital, and wholesale electricity prices”.

      1. It would be sensible for the Committee to seek input from the energy investment
        1. It is highly unlikely that the commercial insurance industry would ever be prepared
          1. The cost of firmed renewable-generated electricity is already as low as AUD
            1. For a proposed Australian nuclear power generation industry capacity of 20 GWeThe report found that the expected economic loss for a 1000 MWe (1 GWe) nuclear power station would be in the range of Euro 1.5-8.9 billion – approximately AUD 2.4-14.4 billion).this would translate to a future economic loss in the range of approximately AUD50-300 billion………..

            10.The biggest risk for potential market investors in nuclear power generation is the future uncertainty created by competing technologies, given that there is currently no operational evidence that nuclear power generation can ever compete directly with other electricity generation technologies. 70/MWh (, and is likely to reduce further over the next two decades.

          12.Australia has a superabundance of solar energy resources – the largest of any nation state in the world. At current solar energy conversion efficiencies Australia has the potential to produce 30% of the world’s current electricity demand from just 1% of its land area (by comparison agriculture uses 53% of Australia’s land area).

          13.The increasing technological and commercial viability of long distance HVDC transmission means that Australia will be able to export highly competitive low cost renewably generated electricity directly to the Asian market. to underwrite the risks of catastrophic failure, and consequently this will need to be underwritten by government (ie taxpayers), as is currently the case in other countries with nuclear power industries. and insurance industries.


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Freedom of information and the nuclear industry – theme for October 19

The nuclear industry originated in lies, and in the barbaric culture of Nazism. Werner von Braun and at least 88 other Nazi scientists started working on inhuman weapons, including nuclear. Americans panicked and decided that a nuclear bomb was OK to develop.  With Japan about to surrender in 1945 Truman and the generals hastily tested the bomb out on Hiroshima, then Nagasaki, and the false story went out that this was necessary to end the war.

Faced with the horror of those two atrocities, the allies, including the Soviet Union, and the nuclear boffins, came up with the cover of “cheap” and “peaceful” nuclear energy, and the immoral and probably suicidal,  nuclear weapons race was on for all.[  for page]

Over the decades, despite government and industry cover-ups, the cruel truth about the health and environmental harm from the nuclear industry has at times been revealed in the Western mainstream media.

But now, freedom of information is threatened as never before. The Internet may have enabled alternative media, sites like this one, and social media, to get their message out.  But that is very much a mixed blessing. At the same time, investigative journalists of the mainstream media are losing their jobs. And – disappearing with them are the fact checking, and quality editing.

Worst of all, now, when investigative journalists speak out, they face oppression.  in Russia, China they  risk “disappearing” – with long-held cultures of suppression of free speech.

Now in Western countries they risk life imprisonment.  Julian Assange is threatened with this, and UK and Australia are complicit in USA’s heavy-handed determination to “make an example” of him.

What has this all to do with the nuclear industry?

The nuclear weapons industry, immoral and potentially globally murderous,  has become an insanely expensive burden on the public purse.

The nuclear power industry is out-dated, unaffordable, dangerous, and wedded to nuclear weapons.

Nevertheless, the media now regurgitates glowing handouts from the “new” and the old nuclear industry as “news”.  Journalists want to keep their jobs- it’s easier to tout rubbish  like “new nukes solve climate change”, than to offend government and powerful corporations by really seeking out and publishing the facts.   The governments’ persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsie Manning makes that subservient attitude the standard behaviour for journalists.

If we let America put away, disappear, and shut up Julian Assange  – well, who’s next?


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Nuclear news Australia for first week in October

Radio Ecoshock, which (along with Paul Beckwith) I regard as the best information source about climate change, devoted its most recent programme to Australia. Australia does stand out – as both the “canary in the coal-mine”– for climate change, and as the top climate-denialist country.

In today’s Australian news I find an item which illustrates this. Australian country towns are in drought, losing their water supplies. But the national obsession with sport goes on. Thousands of litres of water were trucked in to the now waterless town of Pooncarie – to settle the dust on the race track, for the annual racing carnival.  Australia’s P.M. Morrison criticised Greta Thunberg, and Australia continues to take no real action on prevention of, or adaptation to, climate change.


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young defends the right to peacefully protest. New involvement of Attorney General in press freedom.The government seeks to intimidate the media.

NUCLEAR Ballot dates confirmed for Flinders Ranges on nuclear waste dump issue. Nuclear waste dump for Kimba? Residents to vote soon.  A Kimba resident says there’s no going back: a plea to vote NO to nuclear dump.

A nuclear industry for Australia would be a huge cost to taxpayers  Queensland Liberal National Party opposes nuclear power. Queensland conservatives emerge as voice of reason in nuclear debate. Seriously!.  Labor challenge to nuclear power fan MP Keith Pitt – where would you put nuclear reactors?.

Energy Efficiency the FIRST FUEL – a top Nuclear Submission from Brenda Hugget.   Incidents related to transport of radiation instruments in Australia.

CLIMATEAustralia’s drought disaster a political disaster too, for its climate-sceptic Morrison govt?   Climate emergency petition surges towards 200,000 signatures, but will Morrison listen?  With temperatures heading for 40C, New South Wales and Queensland at bushfire riskClimate change the essential factor in planning about droughts. Black swans – the bushfires of the future are already here. Government caught out lying on emissions, and solar installs at record high

RENEWABLE ENERGY Horizon first utility to pull down power lines and replace with renewable micro-grids. Tasmanian renewable energy projects tipped to pour $6.5 billion in state’s economy. Experts want air-con “clunkers” replaced to soften Victoria demand peaks, cut bills .  XXXX! Hundreds of pubs slash energy costs through Lion deal on solar.

Red flags across the grid: New technologies hobbled by old thinking. Fourteen new big battery storage projects proposed for NSW. Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle smashes sales records, recasts Australia car market.


Bill Gates is wrong. Nuclear power will not save the climate.

How nuclear power powers the bomb.

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