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The Australian movement for a clean, non-nuclear world

Australia has a proud history of care for our environment. Aboriginals still lead the way in care for country – land, waterways, coasts, and plants and animals. Since European settlement there have always been naturalists and conservationists.   In the 20th Century environmental movements brought about national parks and political results – protection of species. the landcare movement, “Green Bans” and the world’s first Green Party –  United Tasmania Group.

Successful  movements included the protests against  the Franklin Dam project . The Wilderness SocietyAustralian Conservation Foundation, Friends of the Earth– are leaders amongst the many environmental groups.  Thanks to the environmental movement, Australia has limited uranium mining, and avoided nuclear power. The Australian Greens continue the political fight.

But in the 21st Century , under Liberal Coalition governments, anti – environmentalism has prevailed in Australia. We now have a situation in which our precious major rivers are ailing, millions of fish dying, our forests being denuded, our native animals disappearing. Our current disgraceful government governs not for this country, but for corporate interests, especially the mining industry. Right now, it is being manipulated by the fossil fuel and nuclear lobbies.

Still, people are not fooled. young people especially.  With the Extinction Rebellion movement, Australians join in the global campaign to save the climate, stop the nuclear industry, and turn around the corporate culture of destruction and pollution of the planet.

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