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To 30 October – nuclear news Australia

On October 24, seven Catholic peace activists were convicted on all counts for their 2018 protest against nuclear weapons. They face 20 years in gaol. This case is symbolic of where we  are at  – in the nuclear weaponisation of our planet.  At the same time, Julian Assange, in solitary confinement in UK, faces extradition to USA and a life sentence- for exposing the truth on U.S. military atrocities.

Climate change is going to be even more costly than we thought. In California, the severity of wildfires signals the future climate situations.

A bit of good news – The cleanest waste-to-energy power plant in the world.


Australia’s media under threatABC challenges the validity of Federal Police raids. Australian Federal Police put their case at Federal Court hearing about their raid on ABC. Attorney General Christian Porter backs laws that restrict journalists’ reporting.  A new court order is being abused in order to harass a journalist. Australia’s environment department is unlawfully withholding documents from the public.

CLIMATE CHANGE.  85 fires burning across New South Wales  Iconic Macquarie Marshes on fire. Climate change and the prospects this year for the Darling RiverSome good news for a change: Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions are set to fall.

Why we can’t trust Scott Morrison – his REAL climate policy.  Australian Prime Minister Morrison’s attitude  to Pacific Islanders – “Take the Money and Shut Up about Climate Change”.    Angus Taylor repeats misleading claim on carbon emissions yet again.

240 conservation scientists call on Australian government to strengthen environmental protection laws. 47 experts urge NSW government to defend NSW law and climate.


Tilman Ruff discusses radiation risks regarding Olympic events at Fukushima.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Jobs and growth: Albanese recasts Labor’s planned clean energy revolution. Morrison and Taylor’s little big grid plan not quite what it seems.  Building Tasmania’s future on renewable energy. Another 162MW solar farm gets connection approval in Queensland. Townsville shopping centre builds “Australia’s biggest” solar car park.  ARENA-backed project trials all-electric “net zero energy” homes in Melbourne. Big wind farm and even bigger battery approved for South Australia.

World Nuclear Waste Report (WNWR) to be launched 11th November.

A young Hannah Rabin was the peace movement’s Greta.

Over 300 financial institutions put $748 billion in to nuclear weapons companies.

The hazards of nuclear submarines.

Offshore wind to become a $1 trillion industry by 2040.

Science journalism – dominated by white males.

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