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South Australia – the nuclear wasteland state

 South Australia – the wasteland state, SEBASTIAN TOPS, PORT LINCOLN TIMES OCTOBER 17 2019  South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury had many researched reasons to say ‘no’ to another’s (nuclear) waste.
Several established reasons are economically related, where one of those is supported by 82 per cent, stating clearly:
“Under no circumstances do we pursue the disposal of nuclear waste because the potential brand damage is too great a risk to the state.” (South Australia’s Citizens’ Jury on Nuclear Waste Final Report, p37).
Any process, limiting voice only to a few locals on the future responsibility of storing another’s (nuclear active) waste is contrary to the premier’s promise prior, to respect South Australia’s Nuclear Citizens’ Jury’s (2016) verdict.
His promise proved false immediately after.
The intentional nuclear misrepresentations, hidden political frameworks and processes that neglect state-wide concerns remain vile, still.
The ‘self-responsibility’ moral makes NSW accept ownership of their produced (nuclear active) waste. Please ensure that any state’s waste remains with its owners, for that would be ethical.
For only “less privileged … would be willing to host repositories. From an ethical and environmental justice perspective, …, this option can hardly be taken into consideration …” (Mez, Nuclear Waste Governance, 2015).

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