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Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio -climate crusaders together

Greta Thunberg, Leonardo DiCaprio unite in climate crusade, SBS News, 3 Nov 19 The Hollywood star said the pair has made a commitment to support one another in their fight for climate action.

BY CHARLOTTE LAM Two of the world’s biggest voices in the fight for climate action have joined forces, sending fans into meltdown.

Hollywood A-lister Leonard DiCaprio met Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg in California, capturing the moment on DiCaprio’s Instagram.

He posted that the pair have joined forces “in hopes of securing a brighter future for our planet”.

DiCaprio, who recently pledged $7 million to preserve the Amazon rainforest yet is widely criticised for his use of private jets, said he was honoured to meet the young climate activist.

“There are few times in human history where voices are amplified at such pivotal moments and in such transformational ways but  Greta Thunberg has become a leader of our time,” he wrote on Instagram. …… DiCaprio said he hoped the 16-year-old’s message was a wake-up call to leaders everywhere that “the time for inaction is over”.

“It is because of Greta, and young activists everywhere that I am optimistic about what the future holds,” he wrote on Instagram. HTTPS://WWW.SBS.COM.AU/NEWS/GRETA-THUNBERG-LEONARDO-DICAPRIO-UNITE-IN-CLIMATE-CRUSADE

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