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Are we opening the doors for an international high-level nuclear waste dump?

Nuclear concern, LEON ASHTON, Quorn, Nov 19

ARE we opening the doors for an international high-level nuclear waste dump?

Federal Government leaders say Australia does not have any high-level nuclear waste.

The reason we don’t is because the word “waste” in the dictionary means it is a material or by-product no longer useful or required.

But someone can still make money out of our spent nuclear fuel rods from Lucas Heights, so off it goes under a veil of secrecy to France or England, where recoverable plutonium and uranium is extracted. But the majority of radioactivity (about 95 per cent) still remains in the reprocessed nuclear waste.

Playing politics with words cannot, and does not, reduce the radioactive risk. This badly flawed process to find a postcode to dump our own nuclear waste, without the Federal Government putting all the cards on the table, could very well have major long-lasting implications for all South Australians.  

November 11, 2019 - Posted by | General News

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