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False promises of lots of permanent jobs – from National Radioactive Waste Management agency

Greg Bannon Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 11 Nov 19. 
45 jobs are promised for the NRWMF. Why is it certain that 45 people will be employed? People take holidays, need sleep and feeding, get sick, make mistakes and cost money. Third world countries, where life and wages are cheap, still use people.
Mining and material handling operations the world over are converting to remotely controlled robotics. The same applies to surveillance and security.
    • Rio Tinto operates driverless trains, hauling 28,000 tonnes of iron ore at a time.
  • 3D laser scanning technology can separate humans from potentially dangerous operations, confined areas and boring or repetitive work.
  • Remote cameras and sensors operate 24/7, recording and storing everything.
ANSTO promotes its innovation, ground-breaking research and latest technology. The glossy brochures tell that story. BUT…
Here, in the 21st Century, DIIS won’t concede that any of the 45 jobs could be performed without people – it would spoil their narrative and dash expectations they’ve raised..
Megan Jo And what recompense can the community expect if these 45 jobs don’t materialise? None. No recompense for contamination of land, homes, or water. No recompense for damage to tourism or agriculture. It’s easy to make grand promises when you have no intention to take responsibility for delivering them.

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