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Shonky opinion poll results to give the go-ahead for Kimba nuclear waste dump?

An ill-advised plan to boost a small rural town’s economy is likely to do the very opposite.

But anyway, should the purpose of a national nuclear waste dump be primarily to improve the economics of a small rural town?

Kazzi Jai  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges, 30 Nov 19

Facility to boost Kimba economy
(The Eyre Peninsula Tribune November 21, 2019)
Letter to the Editor:

The recent result of the vote for hosting a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility was positive for the Kimba community, with a significant increase in a number of people welcoming the facility.

Going according to figures taken from previous surveys , the NO vote only lost 12 votes. Would not call that a significant increase!

The 90 per cent engagement in the vote is a great indication of how much the people of our community care about its future.

The engagement was centred on “objective criteria”…whatever that was chosen to mean – it’s all secret, despite being told that this is meant to be an “open and transparent” process!

People who live on the other side of the proposed sites, but within 5 – 10 kms, were not included in the vote! How exactly is that a great indication? And excluding the Barngala people who have Native Title too…….?

Small communities including Kimba are finding it more and more difficult to sustain their volunteer rates, fill sporting teams each week, and individuals are having to travel for FIFO (fly-in fly-out) work to be able to provide for their families.

All small communities have feast and famine times.

After three main businesses have closed in the past 18 months, we have to act now.

And they closed why? Probably because of the threat of a proposed nuclear waste dump happening there! You are already becoming orchestrators of your own demise!

Many people have worked for a number of years to try to increase tourism and search for another industry that can support the community and its people but still have come up short to get to the level of industry we need to increase jobs and boost the economy for all.

But you haven’t actually looked that far have you?

All that has happened IN REALITY is that a landowner has nominated their property to have the nuclear waste…and will be paid WADS OF TAXFREE MONEY to do it! They will be off quicker than you can blink an eye!The nuclear waste no-one wants, and definitely SHOULD NOT BE ON AGRICULTURAL LAND NOR IN THE ICONIC FLINDERS RANGES!

It is NOT the very best geological site for either of the all above ground dumps either! This is a cheapskate Federal Government at its very best! Offloading the responsibility and problems onto South Australia, and targeting vulnerable tiny communities who are none the wiser of the consequences!

The proposed facility is also set to increase the economy across the Eyre Peninsula and greater South Australia during the construction phase.

Where are the figures for this bit of fiction? Increase the economy? More like damage our economy forever! If it really was such a golden opportunity, then there are plenty of sites actually in NSW which would be suitable! Even agricultural ones! Why are they not demanding that they be considered instead!…..

Oh wait! There was… at Sallys Flat NSW which was also deemed suitable by the Federal Government as one of the SIX proposed sites around Australia. Why was this site not hounded like the South Australian ones were! Only 260kms from Lucas Heights….and not 1500+kms like the ones in South Australia! Even Oman Ama in Qld, also deemed suitable by the Federal Government, is only 780kms from Lucas Heights.

No one is DEMANDING to be considered for this “WONDERFUL” opportunity….why do you think that is?

We believe in the capacity of our community and its people, we have four years of facts that prove to us the proposed facility, transport and storage will be monitored and safe and we will keep positively working towards a sustainable future, for the wage earners, the farmers, the children, the home owners, the aged and more.

You have had four years of slow burn HALF TRUTHS and not FULL FACTS. They can promise you the world…..but the REALITY is something VERY DIFFERENT!

Are you really prepared to willingly contaminate your land. To undertake EVERY DAY the thought that today may be the day that the shielding and containment FAIL. That you will be left alone and abandoned as the Federal Government have achieved what THEY wanted to achieve – more political votes and NOT dealing with the waste PROPERLY in the first place, but rehashing the SAME plan which was drawn up in 1980…..which is FORTY YEARS AGO!

You may THINK you are SPECIAL now…..but you are simply A MEANS TO AN END!

And you are deliberately exposing your children and your land which you currently take for granted, to a poison which will remain dangerous for hundreds if not thousands of years!
When has any NORMAL person actually TRUSTED a Government with its promises? You are either naïve…..or very foolish!

We are told on a regular basis from others across the Eyre Peninsula and SA how awesome it would be for Kimba and the region, so let’s hear the voices of the positive people and I encourage all to write to the minister and department at or call 13 28 46.

No you are not! You just choose to hear what you want to hear! That is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! And when it all goes pear-shaped, which is not a matter of IF but WHEN, then you will be one of the first to leave and head for another state! People who spruik for this dump are often the ones with the least to lose!

There is no way a sensible person would support having nuclear waste in agricultural land, nor in the iconic Flinders Ranges! It is sheer lunacy!

Fighting for the future of our community and region.
KimbaFighting for the future of our next generations who will have to deal with the liability and problems from people like you who have chosen EASY money (a once off payment mind you!) over the interests not only of Kimba and Hawker, but the rest of South Australia, since both proposed sites are not isolated islands in all of this!

South Australia is NOT Lucas Height’s nor the rest of the Nation’s Nuclear Dumping Ground!

Each state should deal with its own waste!


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