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No takers for a nuclear grand bargain — John Quiggin

A while ago, I made a submission to a Parliamentary inquiry into nuclear power and, in particular, the removal of the 1998 legislative ban on nuclear power. The inquiry was pretty obviously a stunt aimed at placating Barnaby Joyce and the nuclear lobby[1], but I decided to take it seriously and ask what would be…

via No takers for a nuclear grand bargain — John Quiggin


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  1. Mr Quiggin complains that the inquiry did not consider his “grand bargain”. However they quote him on the idea on page 118 of the report.

    Personally I think it rather disingenuous of Mr Quiggin to say he’ll support removal of the nuclear ban if the government will support him on some other policy.

    I also find it ironic that he makes a submission agreeing we should end the ban on nuclear and then condemns nuclear advocates across the board when many just called for the same change to the law that he called for.

    Mr Quiggin is in the strange position of painting himself as opposed to nuclear advocates whilst calling for an end to the nuclear ban. Odd indeed.


    Comment by TerjeP (say taya) | December 14, 2019 | Reply

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