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The Week’s Climate and Nuclear News- Australia

The marathon climate talks in Madrid had a rather disappointing outcome  While the USA was excluded from the conference, other fossil-fuel addicted nations, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil did their best to sabotage the cause for climate action. Meanwhile the valuable perspective from women was largely ignored. From the top down in climate discussions, to regional and local talks in developing countries, women’s voices are generally excluded.

The nuclear lobby is working quietly away to get nuclear power accepted as “green”, thus getting not only ‘respectability’, but also hefty financial  advantages. They’re having minor success in Europe. The European Union’s sustainable finance debate was bogged down in the question of including nuclear power. It ended up with a weak inclusion of nuclear power as a “sustainable activity’, but it still has to be agreed by the European Parliament, which has insisted on its “no” to nuclear.  

Some good news – The Global Deal for Nature.


CLIMATE Prime Minister Scott Morrison is on holidays overseas, as fires burn across Australia. Australians are reminded of the tourism slogan that Morrison created – #wherethebloodyhellareyou?

New South Wales’ bushfire conditions are getting worse.   In blistering heat, Perth’s bushfire will keep burning for days.    Ominous forecast for Australia’s bushfire dangers. Bushfire near power plant (just as well it’s not a NUCLEAR power plant) Australia’s rainforests used to be too wet to burn. Not now.  250m tonnes of CO2 emitted from Australia’s bushfires.

Swedish youth climate activist Greta Thunberg hits out at Australia’s quest for climate loopholes talks. No legal or moral basis for Australia’s Kyoto accounting fudge, new analysis shows.

NUCLEAR. Liberal-Party-dominated committee recommends removing Australia’s ban on nuclear power. Albanese attacks Coalition’s nuclear ‘fantasy’ as Greens say report should ‘alarm all Australians’. Energy and Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor rejects call for partial lift of nuclear power.

In fealty to the global nuclear industry, the Liberals line up the nuclear dump site, amendments to law, deepwater port.

In the rush to get a nuclear waste dump site, the Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science has ignored the transport dangers. Residents vote against nuclear waste dump near Hawker in South Australia. Strong opposition to nuclear waste dump plan for Flinders Ranges.  Kimba now the likely site for nuclear waste dump.

ENVIRONMENT. While ignorant tunnel-visioned politicians kowtow to irrigators, the Murray River system faces death. A foreign corporation gets 89 BILLION litres of Australia’s water, as drought worsens. Scott Morrison trashes the Environment Department.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. A lot of progress, – much information at


United States and Russia are on the verge of a new arms race, Nuclear War Simulator shows the devastation that nukes could cause.

The toxic gender norms in the nuclear weapons establishment.

Ethics of burdening developing countries with nuclear debts and nuclear wastes.

Devastating array of craters on the ocean floor, from nuclear tests.

  Investigative journalism –  Hazards of Russia’s nuclear colonialism– example South Africa. Docking problems for Russia’s nuclear ships.

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