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Kimba nuclear waste ballot – a one-sided exercise by the Australian government

Peter Remta  No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 4 Jan 2020   I have just watched the video presentation by Kim Mavromatis and am horrified and saddened to see very sincere and hardworking people in tears over what is being imposed on their region by the federal government

In all my seventy years in Australia (I as eight years old when I arrived from Europe with my parents) I have never seen or imagined anything like this before and am extremely moved by what can be so easily cured

Having been a lawyer for most of my life and an unabashed admirer of our constitutional and administrative form of government providing stability and freedom with hardly any corruption which makes us the envy of the rest of the world I never imagined what has been done to the Kimba community under the guise of proper public administration was even remotely possible

Perhaps the foremost concern I have is that the ballots to determine the community’s acceptance of the nuclear waste facility at Kimba were carried out as a completely one-sided exercise by the government with no opportunity for any proper explanation or opposing views as would at the very least be required by natural justice which is always referred to by politicians in a most revered manner

Let me quickly say that my comments are not based on my involvement with the Azark Project at Leonora for the disposal of nuclear waste by underground burial but are motivated solely by the injustice of the situation as shown by the video and which may be accepted fare in other countries

After all it was that type of government that my parents were escaping for the freedom and security of Australia which regrettably is not exemplified in the video

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