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Independent Australia on the Coalition’s toxic denial of climate change

The Coalition’s toxic denial of climate change is destroying us, Independent Australia, By Lyn Bender | 10 January 2020 It was our government’s denial of climate change that has brought so much destruction upon our country, writes Lyn Bender.

AS AUSTRALIA MOURNS enormous losses and experiences the dread and terror of this ferocious summer, the culture of denial attempts to assert itself in this new landscape. The professional denialists continue to promote their toxic climate lies.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is their klutz villain who seeks to deceive, as the climate reveals its fury.

Perhaps this is the time that we may at last defeat toxic denial. …..

Scott Morrison does not seem to accept the science of the times. If he understands the science, then his response to our climate crisis is homicidal.

Morrison wants to continue to consummate his love affair with coal, even though it means the destruction of our nation and the planet.

In May 2019, enough voters were in denial of the urgency of climate change to facilitate the election of a climate-denying government. Morrison showed us what he was made of when he fondled a lump of coal in the House of Representatives. It had been lacquered into cleanliness.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be scared,” he mocked. “This is coal,” Morrison bellowed. He laughed as his sycophantic frontbenchers handled the gleaming black lump with glee.

Optimism is not the same as pretending in the face of evidence to the contrary that all will be well. That kind of optimism exists in the realm of charlatans or fools.

Morrison had a Happy New Year’s Eve party and photoshoot with the cricket team. “Life, as usual, continues” was the message. As people died, houses burned, ecosystems and millions of native animals are incinerated, the Prime Minister was having his summer of beach and cricket. It was like a crass tourism promotion.

This is the bizarre game that the denialist team has been playing for many years. As the planet hotted up and the science grew more insistent of our need to act, the denial team was in full throat. As the birds were silenced, the usual suspects became more shrill in their squawking.

There are too many to name but here are a few of those seated at the have-a-sham table:

The Government is staffed by saboteurs of climate action. Angus Taylor, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reductions, has voiced opposition to the U.N. climate processes.  Australia, along with Brazil and Saudi Arabia, pushed for a very disappointing outcome at the recent Climate Summit at Madrid. Angus’s performance was slammed by climate scientist Will Steffen. Former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is awaiting divine intervention for the drought, rather than government intervention. As the former Drought Envoy, Joyce failed to produce a single report.,13477

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