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The risk of road closures, nuclear waste transport accidents

Rebecca Higgins No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 10 Jan 2020
So we have just seen the only east-west road in Australia (Eyre Hwy) closed for 2 weeks due to bush fires. This closure has seen many people stuck in the small towns before either side of the boarder. As a resident of one of these towns I can tell you it has impacted our local supplies as there were many more people relying on them than usual.
I am wondering if the SA government has considered what will happen WHEN this road is closed indefinitely due to an accident transporting nuclear waste from where ever they plan on shipping it in to Kimba. No matter where it comes in it will have to travel on this road effectively cutting the entire western part of the country off. Did they even think this stupid idea through AT ALL??? Boycott Kimba and DUMP THE DUMP!

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