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It would be wise to cancel the plan for dumping Lucas Heights’ nuclear waste in South Australia

Paul Waldon  Fight To Stop A Nuclear Waste Dump In South Australia, 16 Jan 2020
The 77+ years of misdirection, mistakes, call it a failed experiment or just the bad judgement, it’s that what we call nuclear, an industry not as seasoned here in Australia but just as damaging to the environment. The manufactured radioactive products and its unacceptable volume of toxicity will continue to burden many generations with dangerous risks just so a few can indulge, yes I say a few because there are alternatives. The nuclear arena doesn’t have the technology to neutralize its produce, shielding it is not guaranteed, this is an industry of risk and yet maybe void of safety.

Both dichotomies do agree that radioactive waste as Harry D. puts it “needs to be placed in a managed facility that offers the best centralized logistical location,” and that location is ANSTO, Lucas Heights.

Look at a map and you will see Lucas Heights maybe the most central location amounting to the least average travel distance of such waste per volume and it has security, it also has waste on site as long as the reactor keeps pumping out waste and it’s only half full.

Logistically it would have save the taxpayers $55mil over recent years with the cancellation of the program to shift such waste, but that 55 mil may have been just but the tip of the iceberg of what it has cost communities across South Australia.

January 16, 2020 - Posted by | General News

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