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Australia reMade – a primer for our climate action future

  ReMAKERS’ MEMO #1, January 2020 An Australia reMADE primer to talking about the bushfires and where to from here *V2, updated 14th Jan 2020 


  Our nation has been rudely awakened to the reality that we are one of the most climate vulnerable countries on the planet. And now we have a moment where people are ready to participate in reshaping the system; ready to participate in new ways to reflect the new world. How are we enabling this?
We need to make sure we don’t get stuck just responding to the government’s narrow frame of what ‘practical action’ looks like, or worse. We’re already seeing hints of an alternative agenda, which uses this ‘New Normal’ moment as a shock doctrine opportunity to justify a different kind of agenda (imagine dams and land clearing, lucrative service delivery contracts for private contractors, increase in police powers, decrease in nature protection laws, cracking down on activism, privatising essential services, etc). Here getting out early in the public debate is key.
We need to socialise our r thinking and not wait for perfectly formed ideas and solutions or we’ll get stuck on the back foot. Australians want a future where people and nature thrive. Where the values of a free, vibrant, democratic and caring society are strengthened, not sacrificed. We want to put these values front and centre, but so often they get pushed to the periphery of the debate – whether on our airwaves or in our parliaments.

We get told that now is not the time, or we have to be ever wealthier first, before we can decide to care for people and planet. We’ve already seen the hollowness of the ‘cost of action’ argument in light of the ‘cost of inaction’ reality. Business as usual is no longer an option. Let’s name what we want, and talk about the transformation required to get there.

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