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Zali Steggall , independent MP for Warringah, luring Liberals towards climate action

A matter of conscience’: Zali Steggall unveils plans for climate change act,  Samantha Maiden   She stole Tony Abbott’s blue-ribbon seat out from under the Liberal Party’s nose and now Zali Steggall is hoping to lure party dissidents to cross the floor and vote for climate change action.

The independent MP for Warringah will on Monday unveil details of her plan for a climate change act, arguing action is “a matter of conscience” similar to the same-sex marriage debate.

February 9, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, climate change - global warming, politics

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  1. The attached “Plan for a Climate Change Act” appears to be a classic case of “Way Too Little, Way Too Late”. It appears to be an attempt at compromise but in fact it is a sop to the anti-science, greed-is good, ultra-conservatives. It’s “long-term targets” approach is 30 years too late, what is needed now are “very short-term targets”.

    If countries like Australia with record high per-capita emissions don’t drastically and quickly reduce their per-capita emissions then there is very little chance that “high rate of emissions growth” countries like China and India will slow down until they have similarly high per capita emissions. The consequences will then be unbearably high global emissions. In this case adaptation and mitigation will be irrelevant. Such a scenario would the global equivalent of a mudslide or avalanche.

    Avoiding an environmental and economic avalanche requires immediate cut backs in economic growth fuelled per-capita emissions. Anything else is pure political grandstanding.


    Comment by Dennis Matthews | February 10, 2020 | Reply

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