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Nuclear Stigma is, and will continue to be the cancer that erodes Kimba future.

Paul Waldon Fight To Stop A Nuclear Waste Dump In South Australia, 10 Feb 2020 

“Them or us, a shit town and a policeman on the fence.”

Kimba farmer / nuclear profiteer, Andrew Baldock who has recklessly fueled the ongoing promotion to degrade a agriculture region is now pleading for the community to reunite. This maybe seen as Baldock’s failed solicitation to procure redemption, forgiveness or clemency for the irremediable damage ignorantly portrayed upon what is mostly a nobbled and unwilling community.

Sunday the 2nd of February anti-nuclear rally, portrayed attending people as welcome contributing visitors to the town until their views of nuclear were apparent only to find they were treated no better than a leper in Kimba’s colony. One local person and yes I say one, that being of the local constabulary claimed to be on the fence and treated people with regard, where the nuclear embracing dichotomy has failed to welcome.

Nuclear Stigma is, and will continue to be the cancer that erodes Kimba future.

February 10, 2020 - Posted by | opposition to nuclear, South Australia

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