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#ScottyFromMarketing and his crew – blind to the economics of renewable energy

Sydney Morning Herald 10th Feb 2020, One of the greatest frustrations as a scientist is to see interpretations of data misrepresented by politicians. Unfortunately in Australia, much of this bluster has come from the far-right side of conservatives, part of our broad church, whose members have traditionally prided themselves on prudence and level-headedness.
I am a solar photovoltaic scientist and engineer of more than 20 years’ experience and a director of Coalition for Conservation, a movement of grassroots conservative Coalition members who support greater action on climate change, and I have heard it all: from John Howard’s comments that “solar and wind can only be useful on themargins” to Tony Abbott’s description of wind turbines as “dark satanic mills”.
Sadly, last Friday, Scott Morrison and Michael McCormack
were at it again, warning that increased climate action would lead to
“higher taxes and higher electricity prices” and implying it was the
desire only of “those in the inner city”. Of course, this is nothing
more than marketing fluff. You could be forgiven for thinking that they
must have missed the memo on the record take-up of ultra-cheap solar and
wind power, now generating nearly 20 per cent of Australia’s electricity
supply, with more than 50 per cent renewables expected by 2030.

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