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143 Anti-Nuclear, 10 Pro Nuclear Submissions (published) to Victorian Parliament

Submissions published so far to the Victorian Government’s Inquiry into Nuclear Prohibition  are running strongly  ANTI NUCLEAR  

There are currently 143 submissions opposing the nuclear industry.

There are 10 submissions favouring the nuclear industry.  (You can bet that vested interests have sent in confidential submissions)

PRO nuclear 

1. Don Hampshire  ( with attack on ABC, The Age )
2 Robert Heron – vaguely
3 Terje- Petesen
116 Leah McDermott
122 Simon Brink
123 CFMMEU Mining and Energy Division   21 Azark  26 Buchanan, Bill    27   Murphy, Barry      28  Patterson, John

ANTI nuclear
4 Jessica Lawson    5 Pro Forma list of 122 contributors    48 Janet Nixon     49 Karen Furniss          63 Graeme Tyschsen        68 Barbara Devine 76 Vivien Smith
77 Lachlan Dow         81 RVS Industries       92 Alan Hewett and Joan Jones    103 Anne Wharton       106 John Quiggin   vague        107 Amy Butcher     109 Nick Pastalatzis            112 Philip White      22 Friends of the Earth      23 Derek Abbott    24 Simpson, Frank  25 Wauchope, Noel      29 Wissink, Bart     30  Sharp, Robyn    31, Smith, Colin


February 18, 2020 - Posted by | politics, Victoria

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