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Facing Extinction: The Hope for Human Survival

At the present time, there are seven billion people on this planet pursuing a vision that is devouring the earth.  Violet Bee, Nov 15, 2019 

In a recent post, William E. Rees laid out the case that humanity is on a direct path toward destruction. He sums it up neatly at the end of his post as follows:

Disastrous climate change and energy shortages are near certainties in this century and global societal collapse a growing possibility that puts billions at risk.

It’s an uncomfortable notion, and enticing to write him off as a zealot, but a truth that many scientists are warning we’re perilously close to passing the point of no return. …….

Accept & Adapt

Rees’ recommended course to resolve these problems is nothing less than remaking of life as we know it. I urge you to read the original post, but I’ve included his full list here, with the addition of my own headings for each (in bold)……….

  1. Accept the End of Growth

    Perpetual, exponential growth has been the basis of our civilization for the past 10,000 years. GDP, population, consumption, everything. We’ve long been sold the myth that our economy and civilization cannot function without growth, but that is a lie built on greed and power.

    Accept a Lower Level of Consumption

    To feed our perpetual growth is the requirement of ever-increasing consumption. We’ve been turned from Humans to Consumers. A new way of life, focused on other than the lure of material wealth, is our only chance.

    Accept Renewable Energy Limitations

    Fossil fuels are an amazing source of power. Their abuse has made modern civilization possible. Renewables have their place in a post-carbon world, but we must remember that renewables are not a panacea. Wind turbines, solar panels, geo-thermal systems and all the others require fossil fuel and rare element inputs for construction and maintenance. Beyond that, we have yet to reach the point of their being distributable and transportable the way we’re used to consuming energy.

    The Work of Acceptance

    If the world is saved, it will be saved by people with changed minds, people with a new vision.

  2. Our work then, is to accept. Not superficially, but deep within us, accept that our entire world must change. The hopes and dreams we’ve had for ourselves and our children must change. The values deeply ingrained in us must change. Our path forward cannot start until we let go of the old system that is dragging us down. Accept, grieve, hope. …….

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