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Keeping Australia nuclear-free: national campaign meeting in Melbourne

29 February, Melbourne. Anti nuclear campaigners from South Australia, Western Australia,  Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Territory and Victoria met today, to discuss the progress of the movement.  The Australian Conservation Foundation and Friends of the Earth were prominently represented, among other environmentalists, and representatives from indigenous groups, churches, human rights, and medical organisations.

There was an atmosphere of quiet optimism. The Federal Government, in its Inquiry into nuclear power, has concluded that conventional nuclear reactors are definitely not an option for Australia. Due to their escalating costs, and long delay in building, they are recognised now as a failed technology.

Another encouraging factor for the nuclear-free movement is the fact that Western  Australian uranium projects at Kintyre and Yeelirrie are at a standstill, with little likelihood of going ahead.

The federal government’s plan for a radioactive waste facility at Napandee, South Australia faces hurdles, with its plan for dual facilities . Low level waste burial and above-ground  temporary storage of intermediate level wastes do not meet standards for international best practice.

Participants returned to their home States with renewed confidence in their work of informing and encouraging local communities in seeking a clean, nuclear-free environment.

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