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Radiation oncology still neglects stray radiation

Facing up to friendly fire: why radiation oncology still neglects stray radiation  Physics World, 28 Feb 2020  Whole-body exposure to stray radiation can now be calculated accurately and efficiently for patients undergoing radiotherapy. Researchers in the US and Germany modified a treatment planning system (TPS) – the software used to predict patient dose distribution – to include unwanted doses from scattered and leaked radiation. The additional calculation, which adds an average of 7% to the computation time required for a standard treatment plan, could lead to better radiation treatments that avoid radiogenic secondary cancers and other side effects later in life. This is especially important for survivors of childhood cancer (Med. Phys. 10.1002/mp.14018)………

 as post-treatment lifespans grow longer, late side effects of radiotherapy – such as damage to the heart, fertility issues and secondary cancers – are becoming increasingly prevalent. These side effects can be caused by radiation that is delivered to non-target tissue outside of the main therapeutic beam, much of which is not modelled by clinical TPSs.

To address this shortcoming and model the stray-radiation dose for the whole body, Lydia Wilson at Louisiana State University (LSU) and colleagues (also from LMU MunichPTB and BsF) set out to modify the research TPS CERR (Computational Environment for Radiotherapy Research)…………

“The biggest challenge to commercialization has been the continuation of a historical focus on short-term outcomes,” says Newhauser. “As disease-specific survival rates gradually continue to increase, patient, clinicians and vendors will eventually become more interested in treatment-planning features that improve long-term outcomes. We could begin to see basic capabilities appear in commercial systems in two to three years.”

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