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To 7 April – Nuclear and climate news

Global problems intertwine. Global heating contributes to epidemics of infectious diseases, by promoting the spread of disease vectors, like mosquitoes.  There is no established link between covid-19 and climate change. However, the way we are altering the planet will make the spread of some diseases more likely.  National responses to the coronavirus pandemic bring the opportunity to tackle climate change.  To get a perspective – the climate crisis is a greater catastrophe than Coronavirus.

The current story of Captain Brett Crozier, captain of the nuclear aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, illustrates the moral poverty of the secretive nuclear culture, and the moral poverty of USA’s nuclear commander-in-chief, Donald Trump. The ship, with nearly 5000 crew, had a number of cases of coronavirus. The captain wrote to the Navy, begging to have the sailors evacuated, a plea which was rejected. Later, the sailors were evacuated, but the captain was fired.  President Trump explained that what Crozier did “was terrible” .

But that’s just one nuclear ship – what about the world’s nuclear ships and nuclear submarines? How safe  are they, with warship crews now falling victim to COVID-19 ?

Some bits of good news –   Another Roundup of Positive Updates on the COVID Outbreaks From Around the World. Earth’s Ozone Layer Continues to Repair Itself. (Also – if you can persevere with  the video “Sam and the Plant Next Door”- it’s  quite uplifting. )


The importance of strengthening the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC). Submissions due by 17 April.

Doctors warn on coronavirus danger for Australian citizen, Julian Assange, imprisoned without conviction, in a coronavirus incubator.

NUCLEAR. Outlandish claims made by Byron Shire Councillors, (Greens!!) promoting mobile Small Nuclear Reactors.

CLIMATE. Finally, Australia’s energy network planning will include climate policies.     Australia has what it needs to go “all in” and reach zero emissions by 2035.  Under cover of pandemic, fossil fuel interests unleash lobbying frenzy. Sorry to disappoint climate deniers, but coronavirus makes the low-carbon transition more urgent.  Big swings to the Greens in Brisbane wards elections.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Northern Territory offers $6,000 grant for home batteries, cuts solar tariff.  NT plans big battery in Darwin to cut gas costs and accelerate solar. NSW approves critical Snowy 2.0 factory as more energy experts call for project halt. Final Government approvals for core lithium to move on first lithium production in the NTSolar constraints could be relaxed before end of April, clearing path for new projects. Rooftop solar charts another big month, but Covid-19 clouds future.  How your home battery can help keep the grid stable and prices down.


Despite propaganda from nuclear/coal front group, Breakthrough Institute, NOW IS the time to talk about climate changeThe Climate Crisis Will Be Just as Shockingly Abrupt as the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Put people and health before nukesNew hypersonic weaponry complicates Nuclear Arms Control Regime. Noam Chomsky on the urgent need to eradicate nuclear weapons.

Covid 19 and government responses are affecting nuclear construction world-wide. The nuclear industry and the impact of coronavirus.   A creeping catastrophe: the world’s nuclear reactors are getting dangerously old.

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