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To 13 April – climate and nuclear news

With the whole world in the grip of anxiety about coronavirus, and preoccupied with responding to the pandemic, climate scientists and activists ponder the opportunity to develop a green economy when it is over.  And indeed, the global climate, and the world’s biodiversity are right now benefiting from the lockdown response.  But, alas, the signs are already there, that, in recovering from the health crisis, governments are more likely to promote polluting industries and consumer spending, and to relax environmental safeguards. It’s too early to tell.

As for the nuclear lobby, it continues to battle bravely on, with propaganda about nuclear’s role in diagnosing COVID 19, and with promoting small nuclear reactors. Despite the nuclear industry’s present urgent problem with Coronavirus and staffing– or perhaps because of this, it is heavily promoting “clean”, “safe”, “cheap” nuclear power to Africa.

A bit of good news – Reports Find Social Restrictions Are Working to Curb New COVID-19 Cases From Italy to Seattle


NUCLEAR.    Josephite South Australia Reconciliation Circle’s advice to the Senate Inquiry on Radioactive Waste Bill.   A flawed process- National Radioactive Waste Management- Submission from David Noonan.  Bob Phelps’ submission: There is no valid case for the planned national nuclear waste facility at Kimba.  Conservation Council of Western Australia stresses importance of submissions to strengthen environmental protection – especially to keep anti nuclear provisions.

CLIMATE. Coronavirus action: Australia’s moment to change course for a clean environment, slowing global heating. Calls for Morrison to end fossil fuel stimulus, redirect funds to clean tech. Big win for fossil fuels as regulators seek 12 month delay on 5-minute rule change.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia renewables hit 50% of main grid’s net demand on Easter Saturday. Why Australia needs to aim for at least 75% renewables by 2030Cleantech startups get a boost with ARENA funding for EnergyLab.   W.A. to lead way in transition to distributed, renewable and equitable grid. New wind farm begins generating in Victoria. Australia’s clean energy transition delayed due to outdated electricity market design.  AEMO declares system strength shortfall in Queensland after wind, solar curtailed.


The coronavirus pandemic, like other global catastrophes, reveals the limitations of nationalism.

Climate change could cause sudden biodiversity losses worldwide.

Ordinary people can beat the nuclear establishment: it’s been done before.

New START treaty must be extended, a U.S. – Russia nuclear arms race an intolerable threat to the whole world.

Nuclear Non-Proliferation in a Deadlock.

Nuclear fusion, too hot, too costly? And not ready before 2050.

UKRAINE. Chernobyl wildfires now ‘close’ to exploded nuclear reactor.

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