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South Australia’s Greens fight to stop nuclear waste dumping on Kimba

Mark Parnell, 21 Apr 20 The people of the Flinders Ranges voted to reject the proposal to site the nuclear waste dump in their local area, so the Federal Morrison Government has decided that Kimba, at the top of Eyre Peninsula, will host the dump.

Legislation has been introduced into Federal Parliament and a Senate inquiry is now underway.  It is due to report back to Parliament by the end of July.  You can find out more and read the submissions here.

the Barngarla people challenged the flawed community ballot and their claim of racial discrimination was dismissed by the Federal Court.  But all is not lost.  Earlier this month, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights found that the Government’s new dump laws posed “a significant risk” that the rights of Traditional Owners under international human rights laws would NOT be protected.  This means that it’s more important than ever to show our support to the Traditional Owners to have their voices heard.

In my last update, I flagged the likelihood of an imminent new South Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into the proposed Kimba nuclear waste dump.  I now don’t expect that inquiry to commence until much later in the year.  Of course, if the Federal Bill is defeated in the Senate, then there may be no need for an inquiry at all!  That is our hope.

Finally, I recently tabled a new petition against the nuclear waste dump in State Parliament, which I know some of you have signed.  You can read my speech here, or watch it here.

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