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Radioactive Waste Management Taskforce pitching an old Community Benefit Program as something new

Kazzi Jai    Fight To Stop A Nuclear Waste Dump In South Australia, 7 May 20,    What is old becomes new again it seems! This “new” Community Benefit Program is actually the “old” 2019 Community Benefit Program – which was announced by Matt Canavan on October 8th, 2019…. which just “conveniently” coincided with the posting out by Kimba Council of postal votes on October 3, 2019. (Hawker/Quorn ballot was held a month later due to a SWOT analysis being requested by Flinders Ranges Council as a stipulation to the ballot voting proceeding)>

This Community Benefit Funding is not an “extra” but was part of the agreement to remain in Phase 2 of the process in 2019 and was actually “owed” to both Communities (…as much as “bribe” money can be owed, but that is another story…)

Spin, spin, spin…

May 7, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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