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National Radioactive Waste Management Facility (BRWMF) under scrutiny – fact checking

Kazzi Jai shared a link. No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia  May 19

Posted yesterday 18/05/2020 at 11.40 on the NRWMF”s FB page.

“Did you know? ANSTO only manages about 45% of the low level radioactive waste in Australia. Australia’s radioactive waste is stored in over 100 locations such as science facilities, hospitals and universities. The NRWMF will enable Australia’s radioactive waste to be consolidated into a single, purpose-built facility.”

No references, no figures – NADA for this assertion!

Sooooooo….who IS being “economical” with the truth …when you have this statement, which was quoted from a hardcopy report by the DIIS published April 2018? ……..“States and territories are responsible for managing a range of radioactive waste holdings, accounting for about one per cent of total radioactive waste holdings in Australia.”??????????????????? (Page 7 in link below)
And there is a nifty little table WHICH SPELLS OUT EXACTLY HOW MUCH LOW AND INTERMEDIATE LEVEL WASTE IS FOUND AROUND AUSTRALIA INCLUDING ANSTO! (Page 4 for those interested in the link below!)

Do not have ANY idea how NRWMF got 45% even from the table given by DIIS in the hardcopy report!

Another case of “1 in 2” ACCORDING TO ANSTO becoming suddenly “2 in 3” ACCORDING TO NRWMF ????


Tim Bickmore I have been trying for years to get DIIS to provide a] locations of the so-called ‘100+ sites’, & b] inventories of those sites. Nada.. The NRWMF 45% is derived by volume (cubic metres) NOT radioactivity; & includes 10,000 barrels held by CSIRO at Woomera.

Two places, Lucas Heights + Woomera, = 90%+ of Commonwealth holdings PLUS Dept of Defence has maybe another 3%… so 3 of the ‘100+ sites’ have 93+% of the proposed volume.

PS the NRWMF has blocked me from posting scientific facts & commentary on their FB page….

Kazzi Jai Take Woomera out of it…and still over 90% by ANSTO!

If you want I can pm you the original details of Fisherman’s Bend AND St Mary’s waste ….and in that document it clearly states that only 200 of the 9726 drums from Fisherman’s Bend were radioactive as deemed by the Road Transport Act. But because of public concern – in Melbourne, Victoria and the wider Australian community – it was ALL classified as Radioactive! THAT is why..surprise, surprise…after the “temporary” two/three year storage promise which became 25 years, it is “suddenly” found that a LOT of the drums are not radioactive! That’s because they never were!! But they do contain asbestos…
The Mt Mary Defense Base is different….but is only 10 cubic metres in volume

Kazzi Jai And blocking you from commenting on the NRWMF page….now there’s a BIG RED FLAG THERE!
So they better not claim that they have been OPEN AND TRANSPARENT in this process….because clearly they haven’t been!

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