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#ScottyFromMarketing – yes Australia is run by an otherwise talentless marketing man

Scotty from Marketing: What a way to run a country, Independent Australia,  By Jennifer Wilson | 26 May 2020,  Word is, Prime Minister Scott Morrison intensely dislikes the moniker “Scotty from Marketing” bestowed upon him last year by the Betoota Advocate.

It’s difficult to escape the strong impression that one of Morrison’s few talents is the grand announcement that, not much later, turns out to have minimum substance. Just one example is the $2 billion bushfire fund — $1.6 billion of which remains unallocated while survivors who lost everything are still living in tents and caravans without running water and toilet facilities…….

For the Prime Minister, the thrill is in the making of the promise, not the delivery of its substance, as may be in keeping with the general goals of a marketing man. Delivery is long and boring. Gratification comes immediately with the grand announcement and the praise with which it is greeted, particularly by the media. Who cares if the damn thing actually works or not?

So what if the $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy program has gone astoundingly awry in so many ways, not least of which is that it was overestimated to the tune of some $60 billion? Who cares? Announcing “the biggest economic lifeline in the country’s history”, as Morrison proclaimed at the time, brought him peak gratification and was immediately rewarded by lavish praise from business groups and the mainstream media……

Morrison’s primary goal is to persuade the punters he’s a good “dad” to the country and to this end, he seeks to dwell in the eternal present. The past is a country he increasingly needs to move on from, with a vicious cattle dog nipping at his heels — unless of course it’s got something to do with Labor that can be spun to his advantage. The future is of equal irrelevance, outside of Morrison’s personal ambitions. The Liberal Party itself is little more than a vehicle for the realisation of these personal ambitions, as is Morrison’s affiliation with his church — the man would likely hurl both of them under the bus if they in got in the way of the gaping maw of his gluttonous ambition.

Morrison’s primary talent is marketing himself. He did actually win the last Federal Election almost entirely without assistance from his ratbag crew of discontents and right-wing loons — and this is an indicator of his bottomless supply of self-belief and enviable lack of doubt.

Which brings us to China. On 22 April this year, Morrison had a phone chat with U.S. President, Donald Trump…….

What the mainstream media is far too inclined to overlook is Morrison’s utter ruthlessness. He is pragmatic and many appear to admire that quality, but it is a pragmatism whose genesis is to be found in breathtaking ruthlessness, and overweening self-interest — and it is not admirable. ……..

This is Scotty from Marketing. Find something to sell, and sell it regardless of the consequences. It’s the selling, stupid. What a way to run a country.,13931#.XsyKe2S6_gA.twitter

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