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The week in climate/nuclear news

Going back to “normal”? But “normal” IS the problem. The world waits, to see how the plans of nations to get over , recover, from the pandemic period are actually going  to work.  Not too well, in some cases.  New Zealand shines.

The nuclear lobby is enthusiastically promoting itself as a saviour in helping deal with the pandemic. Does anyone believe this spin? Meanwhile nuclear nations, led by USA, turn to a renewed burst of spending on nuclear wesapons.


NUCLEAR.   A reality check on the cost of nuclear power for Australia.

60 years ago, Aboriginal people’s land desecrated by nuclear bombs. Now a new desecration – nuclear wastes?

Submissions to Senate Committee on   National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment

National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment Bill aims to prevent Bangarla Aboriginal people from legal action against the nuclear dump.

Australia’s nuclear-free, anti-uranium movement adapts to this pandemic period – presenting a series of webinars – “Yellowcake Country“.

The  revolving door – another Australian former Senator, Stephen Loosely,  glides easily into the weapons industry.

Australian company Silex Systems involved in nuclear enrichment, in Kentucky’s radioactive disaster site Paducah.

CLIMATE  Southern Australia to be among the worst-hit by global heating.    Australia must plan for future disasters, bushfires, floods – NSW Resilience Commissioner.    COVID-19 Commission stacked with fossil-fuel bigwigs. Surprise surprise -they find gas is the answer. Gaslighting Australia: How gas industry is driving up emissions.

Why it’s time to get moving on decarbonising Australia’s transportElectric and hybrid car sales jump in Australia, as fossil fuel market plunges again.  Even with rooftop solar boom, households are paying dearly for what lies beneath.  Renewables jobs could boom to 44,000 by 2025, but only with the right policy support. Australian media watchdog found Andrew Bolt breached press standards by vilifying Greta Thunberg.

Order of Australia recipients for environment and conservation

Injustice of UK court process regarding Julian Assange. Assange too sick to attend.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.  Rooftop solar market powers on in Australia, despite Covid-19 blip.  Solar and wind’s stunning cost advantage sparks call for mass coal closure.  Australia’s first offshore wind project says it can cover early exit of Yallourn coal generator.  AEMO pushes for minimum standards for solar, battery storage and EVs.


Time to transfer funds from weapons to making vaccines.

The world is sleepwalking toward a period free of nuclear arms control.

New report calls out banks that make nuclear weapons investments.

Loophole in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT): small military nuclear reactors lack safeguards.

Species are becoming extinct at an accelerating rate.

The most effective leader in the world – Jacinda Adern,  Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Some bits of good news – For the First Time, U.S. Renewable Energy Surpasses Coal Every Day For An Entire Month. Coronavirus Cooking Survey’ Finds That People Are Eating Healthier and Wasting Less


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