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Is Napandee another Maralinga?

Kim Mavromatis Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges, 15 June 20, 

The similarities between Napandee and Maralinga are frightening.

The dangers of British Nuclear Bomb Testing and Radioactive Fallout were downplayed and sugarcoated by the British and a complicit Australian Federal govt at Maralinga in South Australia in the 1950’s and 60’s.
In 2020, 60 years later, the dangers of Radioactive Nuclear Waste, to be dumped on farmland in South Australia, is also being sugarcoated and downplayed by the federal govt.
Spent Nuclear Fuel (other nations classify as High-Level Radioactive Nuclear Waste, which is 10,000 times more radioactive that uranium ore) and reprocessed Spent Nuclear Fuel (still contains 95% of the radioactivity of HLRNW), is to be transported halfway across Australia, from Lucas Heights in NSW and other unknown sites, and dumped at a farmland facility in South Australia.
The Federal govt sugarcoating of the Radioactive Nuclear Waste dumps process is eerily similar to the way the British and complicit Australian Federal govt at the time handled Nuclear Bomb testing and Radioactive Fallout at Maralinga. Aboriginal rights (and the Black Lives Matter movement) are being swept aside in South Australia by the Australian Federal govt, just like Maralinga, and the farmland site selected for the radioactive nuclear waste dumps, Napandee, near Kimba on Eyre Peninsula, has the potential to become another notorious modern-day Maralinga.
ABC series “Operation Buffalo” about British Nuclear Bomb testing at Maralinga.  ABC TV : Sundays at 830pm

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