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Australian government has spent not one sent on finding a permanent solution for ANSTO’s nuclear waste

Kazzi Jai  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges, 16 June 20, 

Remember that NOT ONE CENT has been spent to find a permanent disposal site for the Intermediate Waste – not ONE!


What does THAT tell about this current proposal? That the “promised 30 years +” is somewhat fanciful at best for dealing with the “tag-a-long” Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste at best!

STRANDED WASTE would more aptly describe it! And it becomes SOLELY SA’s responsibility and liability..

Oh, and the permanent disposal of the Low Level Nuclear Waste using concrete encasement is meant to hold and contain that Low Level Waste WITHOUT BREACH for 300 years? With our conditions and environment…ALL ABOVE GROUND??

Remember that the sites were chosen by LANDOWNER NOMINATION – not for the VERY BEST GEOLOGY!!

And the ONLY SIDE we have heard from is the Government with a VESTED INTEREST in making this happen.

But the main problem with the Legislation being amended at the moment is that NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE can debate and perhaps stop a dump being built and a site being selected, based on incorrect assumptions.. That is against our freedoms and rights as Australian citizens to debate and put forward conflicting information and viewpoints to that of the Government.

Don’t get too smug about it – it means that ANOTHER dump can THEN be built anywhere else in Australia upon the Government’s mood without debate…..Let’s see…Rockhampton seems like a nice place for a nuclear dump….or Cradle Mountain….or Uluru….

June 16, 2020 - Posted by | General News

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