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Climate, nuclear, pandemic – news to 29 July

We are going to need to learn to live with the virus. Scientists just beginning to grasp how bad this Coronavirus is.

Will the pandemic open up global action to halt global heating? 16th Century colonisation, slavery began the planet’s damage, 21st Century pandemic response could repair it.    Coronavirus is an SOS: Mend our broken relationship with nature, says UN and WHO.

Need for action on global heating –  It’s 38°C in Siberia.  One climate writer thinks that “it’s time to get emotional about climate”.

On the nuclear scene – same same – propagandists touting nuclear as a “cure” for climate change, and minimising the issue of costs. A European worry –  about a cloud with tiny levels of radioactivity detected, over Scandinavia and European Arctic


Julian Assange faces new indictment in USAJulian Assange’s fiancée calls on the Australian government to secure his freedom

Killing Australia’s democracy – first kill the ABC.

NUCLEAR  Labor reaches for bipartisanship on energy policy, but a DEFINITE NO TO NUCLEAR.  Reality bats last-Small Nuclear Reactors just not economic for Australia (or anywhere else).

Misinformation about Energy Economics, from nuclear companies and their propagandists.  Ben Heard and the fake environment group ‘Bright New World’.    South Australian MP Rowan Ramsey, and Minister for Resources, Keith Pitt, talk nonsense about the planned nuclear waste dump at Napandee.

Radioactive Waste Facility SiteWoomera Amendment circulated in Senate.

There is really no market in India for Australia’s uranium . A journey from Tokyo to Mirrar country: Fukushima and Australia’s uranium trade.

Australian government to blame for failure of environment lawsAuditor general finds that Morrison government has failed in its duty to protect environment.

CLIMATE. ACTU warns Morrison: get real on climate and renewables, or lose metals industry.  Australia could create hundreds of thousands of jobs by accelerating shift to zero emissions – report .  Plan.Morrison government has failed in its duty to protect environmentMinerals Council slammed for “woefully inadequate” Climate Action .



US, Russia nuclear arms talks end with plans for second round.

How we can manage the intermittency of renewables and attain 100% renewables.

New Zealand stood up to the nuclear bullies- the Rainbow Warrior story.

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