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Climate, nuclear, coronavirus – news to 7 July

Well, I do leave the biggest news – coronavirus  – to others, although Jane Goodall eloquently reminds us that the pandemic is utterly connected with our onslaught on the natural world and may well be a foretaste of worse to come, if the human species does not respect nature.  It’s time to get emotional about climate change.

But anyway, Covid 19 – climate change – global phenomena that don’t care about borders, are affecting  above all, the world’s poorest and most vulnerable – what are we to do?  Some media are rejoicing about hot weather in the Arctic, but the reality is that the persistent Arctic heatwave is wreaking havoc, with uncontrolled forest fires in Siberia, thawing permafrost destabilising buildings and industry, especially oil and gas, in Northern Russia and the Arctic North of America.  Meanwhile, the South Pole is warming at triple the global average.   Climate change will make world too hot for 60 per cent of fish species.

It’s hard to get concerted action on global heating, with powerful influencers like Facebook and the oil industry sabotaging efforts and information about climate change. Climate denialists are increasingly spreading misinformation on Facebook, while Facebook  is actively discouraging fact-checking.

Meanwhile – don’t let’s forget, even a limited nuclear war, whether started by intent or by accident, would bring a rapid climate change, a nuclear winter, which the human species might not survive.

A bit of good news –  Meet the Nuns Who Created Their Own Climate Solutions Fund.


Julian Assange’s fight for freedom.  Julian Assange’s father in tireless fight to free his son, calls on Scott Morrison to help Australian citizen Julian.

Australia –  USA’s Deputy Sheriff goes for bloated military expenditure.  Agressive defence policy – Australian Strategic Policy Institute has too much influence on government and media.

CLIMATE.  Canberra unprepared for climate upheavals that will rock the nation.    Australia seen as successful in Covid-19 response, deplorable in climate response. Australia ranks second worst in world on climate action, outside top 50 on clean energy. Independent MP Zali Steggall calls for conscience vote on zero carbon bill to kickstart Covid recovery.  Former Socceroos captain wants Australia to show climate leadership as World Cup host.  Australia claims Kyoto success, but three decades as a climate wrecker is all it can boast.


Napandee  nuclear waste Bill.

Yellowcake Country- a new webinar series explores the local, national and international impacts of Australia’s uranium industry.

Murdoch press enthusiastic about nuclear propagandist Michael Shellenger. Michael Shellenberger mucked up the pro nuclear “climate action” propaganda.

Queensland splinter political party   North Queensland First pushing for uranium mining in Queensland.

Western Australia: call for Mt Walton hazardous waste facility to accept toxic material from across Australia, (includes radioactive wastes.)

Australia was the guinea pig population for Britain’s nuclear weapons tests radiation fallout.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia’s secretive defence operations HQ to get 1.9MW solar farm.  Deakin’s new Hub for world-leading energy storage and conversion.  Much more renewable news, but I am running out of time.


Rethinking security: Nuclear sharing in Europe in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nuclear power is incompatible with a Green New Deal.

Misinformation about Energy Economics, from nuclear companies and their propagandists

US, Russia nuclear arms talks end with plans for second round.

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