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Cory Bernardi resuscitated – renewed zeal for nuclear and “Advance Australia”

Failed extreme right-wing politician Cory Bernardi seemed to have disappeared from the news.   His zeal for the nuclear industry did not go down well with the Australian public.

But no, Cory is now resuscitated in the media –   well, not exactly the reliable and respected news media. But he has found his natural habitat – where else but at right-wing paradise – Sky News?

And where has Cory found the political embrace that he craves?   in the Advance Australia lobby group – perfect for Cory – climate denialism, pro nuclear fanaticism, and ever so coy about where they get their funding.

So-here’s Cory’s Sky News spiel:        Nuclear is the ‘gold standard of power’ ticking all the boxes  – “Nuclear energy solves the climate wars unravelling around the world”  [Ed. note hang on, I thought that Advance Australia didn’t believe that climate change is real]  “You want reliable and cheap, affordable energy? Nuclear ticks that box too,

Advance Australia Director Liz Storer told Sky News:  “The sooner we get nuclear off the ground the better,” she said. “It’s the gold standard of power.”

July 20, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, politics

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